Paralegal (Ontario)

Paralegal Diploma with Internship (NOC 4211)

Ontario is the only jurisdiction in the world that licenses and regulates the paralegal industry. Trained and regulated Paralegals are an essential key to our society’s desire to provide access to justice.  Paralegals provide the public with reasonably affordable legal representation in lower courts where lawyers may be too costly for people who cannot represent themselves effectively.

Licensed Paralegals often choose to find work first with established legal, paralegal and immigration consultant firms. This allows the firm or the department to provide a very high level of service in a cost efficient manner.

About Our Program:

The Paralegal Diploma program will provide students with the necessary foundation of knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to ensure their competency for the first several years of practice as well as the awareness of the requirement to maintain competency on an on-going basis.

Upon completion, a student will have met the 303 required knowledge or skills competencies required as a minimum by the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the competencies for additional legal and non-legal courses.

Graduates of accredited Paralegal Diploma Programs are entitled to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada to write their licencing exam.

Program Licencing:

Hart Legal Educational Services has developed detailed curriculum, student materials and various class and instructor resources for about 800 hours of legal courses covering legal knowledge areas, competencies and skills required to practice as a Licenced Paralegal. Hart Legal supports the courses through an online Learning Management System (LMS) which includes quizzes, tests & exams.

The Program may be licensed by a Private Career College. Hart Legal will assist the college with its accreditation application to the Law Society of Upper Canada and also provide the MTCU application template and assist with the program registration. Accreditation and approval is campus specific and based on the complete application submitted by the college.

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