Law Clerk (Ontario)

Law Clerk Diploma with Internship (NOC 4211)

Knowledgeable Law Clerks are key to the success of today’s Law Firms, Corporate and Governmental Legal Departments. Law Clerks work under the supervision of a lawyer and provide tremendous leverage by performing many tasks and activities that would otherwise take up the lawyer’s time.

This allows the firm or the department to provide a very high level of service in a cost efficient manner.  Employment Ontario expects job prospects to be GOOD over the next Five Years.

About Our Program:

The Law Clerk Diploma program prepares students for the exciting and challenging world of the legal assistant. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist an Ontario lawyer in various practice areas, such as civil litigation, criminal, family, real estate, corporate/commercial and wills/estates practice.

Our courses focus on legal office skills required by today’s legal work environments necessary to perform the tasks of legal research, legal writing, interviewing, legal accounting, document production, file and case management, and use of specialized legal software applications.

 Program Licencing:

Hart Legal Educational Services has developed detailed curriculum, student materials and various class and instructor resources for about 850 hours of legal courses covering legal knowledge areas, competencies and skills required for this vocation. Hart Legal supports the courses through an online Learning Management System (LMS) which includes quizzes, tests & exams.

The Program may be licensed by a Private Career College. Hart Legal will also provide the MTCU application template and assist with the program registration.

Interested? Contact Hart Legal Educational Services for more information